For those looking for guidance, clarity and support on their life mission. During this initial meeting Sinéad will read your energies to connect with any form in which has been stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams. After relaying her findings, Sinéad will devise a clear strategy that will not only encourage you but empower you to follow your dreams and to exceed in your goals.

45 minutes - £90






After reading your body's energy field, Sinéad will determine the energetic cause of an issue or concern that is resulting in physical aches and pains. Through a variety of massage, energy healing and alternative therapy, Sinéad will release blocked energy and accelerate the healing process. This treatment will release any form of stress in your body leaving you with an all over sense of harmony and well-being. 

60 minutes - £125



Are you looking to release old emotions that are holding you back from following your life purpose? Are you ready to start your new chapter in life? With this treatment, Sinéad will target suppressed emotions that are being confined in your body resulting in physical aches and pains. Through energy reading, energy healing and and a variety of alternative therapies, Sinéad will identity and locate the emotions physically and with guidance she will teach you how to recognise, understand and release your unwanted emotions. This treatment will leave you feeling weightless and with an inner strength you didn't even know you had.  

90 minutes - £185




Sinéad has created an abundance of workshops and courses for those who are spiritually aware and for those looking to awaken their natural born gifts. 
With a clear direction and guidance, Sinéad will target each workshop to cater to all needs. Whether to teach you how to distinguish between your imagination and intuition, help you control and understand your own abilities, teach you how to become energetically aware and many more. Each person will leave Sinéad's workshops with a sense of clarity and knowing that will empower them on their own life path.

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