How to increase your own intuition...

Find a quiet place to focus on your own thoughts and feelings. This place could be in nature or lying in bed before sleep. Before starting, focus on your breath, how does it feel? Your frame of mind effects your breath - is it soft and peaceful? fast and erratic? deep and meaningful? Notice how your body is being supported by the bed or ground that you are laying on. Notice how your muscles are feeling as you breathe. If you notice any tension in any areas just smile, give thanks to your muscles/body for all it has done for you today.

Once you are comfortable, hold on to that moment of stillness and bring your attention to your third eye. Your third eye is situated in the middle of your forehead, slightly above your eyebrows. Imagine the colour purple, swirling in a clockwise vortex above your Third eye. Starting off small at first and gradually growing wider and longer as your awareness grows. The more that you practice this the easier it will be to see the wonderful messages that come to you. The messages will appear in various forms like images, sounds or thoughts. Keep note of your experience each time you practise; you will notice that messages become more vivid and sounds become clearer as you continue to develop your intuition. 

NOTE: Explore the images, if you see something that you like hold onto it. Look at the finer detail. What does that image mean?  Why are you seeing this? Does it evolve?