Develop your intuition with friends...

Find that quiet place, light some candles, have a soft melody on in the background, sit with your friend and just be! Start by focusing on your breath, allow your stomach to move gently as your breathe, find your rhythm and feel the calmness of the energy around you.

Only allow one person to read energies at one time - place your non dominant hand on your partners shoulder. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the palm of your hand, image that there is a ball of colour in the palm of your hand. By focusing your attention on your palm, you will start to feel heat. Focus on the heat, relax your mind and body, you will start to feel emotions and sensations that may lead to images and sounds. Take note of thoughts and feelings during practise and share them once you've all had a chance to practise. It will be interesting to see if you got the same messages..