Stuck in a rut?...

For nearly a month now, I have been feeling like I was stuck in a rut on an emotional level. I was working crazy hours, I constantly have so much going on that I had no time for myself, my friends or my family.  I stopped making time to workout, I stopped making time to pamper myself and I stopped making time for doing what I love... Having fun. 

Last week, I met with a fellow psychic/ medium and she reminded me of my guardian Angel who has been with me since I was four, Placky. He asked her to remind me of my inner child and to let it free. Well that message hit me like a ton of bricks. "Thats' it!" - I thought, "I am changing my habits now!" 

It wasn't until then that I realised that something needed to change. My priorities need to change. For those that know me, know that I love to laugh, I love having fun, I love being a bit crazy and I love to just perform and act in the comfort of my own home. Unknown to myself , I haven't been preforming, I haven't been belly laughing everyday. I was just working and if I wasn't working I was thinking about work constantly. 

I do love what I do, so it is normal to constantly want to work, right? Well in order to keep loving what I do, I know that I need to create a work life balance. 

Since last week, I have been leaving my phone, iPad and laptop in another room when I am relaxing, unwinding and eating dinner. I have been going to the gym everyday for fun, I have arranged to meet so many of my girlfriends over the next few weeks and I have also had so many incredible date nights with my love. 

I had a crazy moment yesterday where I thought seeing as I am on a mission to change and bring out my inner child again I want to change my physical appearance too, just for the fun of it. For the past 7 years I have had long hair (which I love) and for the past year I have had dark hair with a few highlights. I have been looking at images of my hair in recent pictures that were taken and I just think it looks so flat and boring which is completely the opposite to what I am doing with my life. I decided that I am going to be blonde again and while I am at it, I might as well chop a few inches off my hair too. AAAHHHH! Am I going through a mid life crisis?

Without trying to sound so dramatic about a hair-do, today marks the day of new beginnings. My inner child is officially free. My creative energy has been ignited again and the fun factor is officially back.

Have you been feeling like you're stuck in a rut lately? Have you been feeling like your priorities have been off centre? What are you putting off? 

If you are not happy with things in your life, change it. Only you can change it. Define what is important to you and then plan (in baby steps) what you need to do in order to get to where you want to be.

Even if it is doing something small like cutting your hair, going for a run everyday or whatever. The small adaptions in your life will always lead you to the happy endings.