"It's not just about the ideas, it's ensuring that you make your ideas happen"

- Sinéad


Running a business can be emotionally, mentally and physically challenging. Who am I kidding?! It is hard work!!! I never knew that you could experience a million emotions all in one day until I launched my first business. The first year was the toughest thing that I have ever experienced.

I know you are nodding your head at this, right?

Whether you are currently running your own business, you are about to launch a new business, if you are in the development stage of starting a new business, if you are a manager or sole trader in general, I can completely relate to the challenges and opportunities that you face.

There are times when you simply wish you had a manager or a boss so that they could tell you what to do but when you really think about it, you would never work for anyone again…

I have created these Award-Winning breakthrough sessions for that exact reason. 90 minutes of focus, brainstorming, guidance, support and much more.

She is an angel in disguise but fool you not, she is a fireball. Each time we finish our sessions I feel tired. It’s unbelievable what we can do together in two hours time. The brainstorm, the enthusiasm, the belief, the planning, the advice, the adrenaline of creating ideas and new paths for my career.

Her advice is invaluable and her natural ability to make you feel deserving and capable of kicking ass is one of my most valued moments. If you need someone to kick-start your career, Sinéad is your answer. I call her my mentor but above all, I call her my friend.


  • 90 minutes of time dedicated to you
  • Time for you to share your ideas, your concerns, your worries, your goals
  • Time for you to gain clarity on your vision and objectives
  • Time for you receive insight and direction on what to do next in your business
  • Time for motivational and inspirational ideas to be shared
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual support
  • Support and guidance on how to maintain a balanced mind-set when in business
  • Creative brainstorming and time to reignite passion
  • Time to ask as many questions as you wish with regards to your business goal, plan, preparation such as marketing strategies, operational procedures, team building, costings, USP’s etc.
  • Time for you to have exceptional support and regain structure



Choose between a 90 or a 60 minute session individual sessions or book a bundle of sessions so that we can set targets/ deadlines and see your business grow to success together.

NOTE: with every bundle, you get 2 additional 30 minute phone conversations for guidance and support. 

Overcome challenges, head for harmony, happiness and success.

If you are ready for change, please fill in the form below and I will be in touch within the next 24 hours with my next availability.



You are passionate and excited about making your business a success. If you want support and creative guidance on the next best step to take in your business.

If you are an action taker and someone who wants to exceed in all that they do.




"Believe in everything that you do, for you are the present, you are the future and you are making a difference." - Sinéad