• Have you been feeling down? low in energy? unmotivated for your daily tasks?
  • Have you been experiencing difficult emotions such as anxiety or low self-esteem?
  • Have you been pushing yourself too hard and now you are in need of intuitive guidance and balancing? 
  • Do you have physical aches and pains but you don't know why and want them gone? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above then this connection is for you. We will start your experience with an initial Skype or Face-time (or any video call platform that you prefer) conversation where I will connect with your energies to determine the energetic cause of an issue or concern.

So, please refrain from telling me anything about you as your energy will tell me everything that I need to know.

Once I have determined the energetic block I will then tailor your experience to meet your needs. We could focus solely on energy healing, or we could combine alternative therapy, CBT and/or mindset therapy with energy healing - it all depends on what you need on that day.  




My Clairvoyant, Empathic, Intuitive ability can reach you no matter where you are in the world. I can connect and read your energy in all corners of the globe with accuracy and grace. From Australia, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Bali, Ireland and many more, "her healing energy and empowering words will instil you with strength and balance that you need to live the life you desire."

The healing session itself felt like a beautiful wave of loving energy encompassing my whole body. As easy as it would have been for me to fall into a deep sleep, the sensation of energy flowing through my body was so breath-taking that I wanted to remain awake in order to fully experience the healing. After the session, I felt a sense of calm in my mind and body which I haven’t experienced in such a long time. Sinead is a powerful healer. Not only does she possess a natural skillset of intuitive and healing capabilities but also has a beautiful heart which is felt in everything she does.

There aren’t enough words to express to her my gratitude for the healing she has blessed me with.
If you want to experience a truly transformative healing experience then Sinead is the person I would always turn to.
— Samantha