"You have been a catalyst on my path of awakening and I want to thank you from the depths of my heart. The energy work in our sessions have helped me clear blocks; and have filled me with love and confidence to dive into the depths of my soul. I am forever grateful"





Have you ever felt any of the following:

  • You know that you have a gift but you don't know how to control it?
  • You can easily connect to people, animals, spirit and places but you find it hard to distinguish between your intuition and imagination?
  • You just know things about people but you don't understand why?
  • You have dreams or visions about incidents before they happen?
  • You are looking to enhance your natural ability and connect with your intuition/ energy on a deeper level?

When I first started to connect with spirit, receive visions and simply 'know' things about people that it was impossible for me to know, I was terrified. There were times when I felt alone, even isolated because I didn't know how to control or deeply understand my gift and I found it very hard to explain what I could do.

I wanted to create this programme so that I can be there for those who are discovering their gift for the first time or for those of you that are looking to expand and enhance your natural ability. After our initial Intuitive meeting, I will naturally receive messages that will guide, support and teach you how to utilise your very own strengths. Once we have confirmed our preferred path to action, I will continue to offer techniques specific to your own ability that will allow you to grow and develop whilst feeling in control, balanced and secure. We can arrange face-to-face intuitive interactions, FaceTime/Skype connections or via email/phone, wherever we feel the most powerful connection.

Are you ready to enhance your gift?...

Why not arrange a 15 minute complimentary phone conversation with Sinéad to ensure that this the best step for you.