Distant Healing

This connection is for those in need of energy healing or balancing and for those looking for answers and/or clarity for the mind, body and soul. Sinéad will start the experience with an initial Skype or Face-time conversation where she will connect with your energies and confirm your location. Once Sinéad has determined the energetic cause of an issue or concern she will then proceed to send healing to you where you will feel Sinéad's healing presence beside you even though you are miles apart. Once the treatment has ended, Sinéad will finish your experience by relaying her findings, relaying any visions or messages that she received throughout the treatment to you via Skype or Face-time. (30 minutes) 

Continuing your journey... 

Healing and energy balancing continues to enhance your body up to 48 hours after your treatment. Sinéad will offer you full support and comfort by contacting you two days after your treatment in order to monitor your progress and to guide you on your unique journey to ensure maximum results from your treatments.


What some of Sinéad's clients had to say...

I had no idea what to expect with distant healing. Sinead means business! She started by reading my energy where I didn’t feel anything and started to get a bit sceptical if I’m honest but when she spoke, I was captivated! We have never met and she KNEW EVERYTHING... my emotional state, physical state and the reasons behind them. I was stunned. By the way, did I mention that she doesn’t talk before reading my energy so there is no way she could have known all of this information. Anyway when she was healing me I had tingles all down my body, I could feel heat and other odd sensations that were actually really soothing. After she told me what she was doing and what I need to do to overcome my obstacles.... my mind is blown! I am writing this three weeks after our session and all of my original concerns are gone. I don’t know how she does it but Sinead has a gift and she is here to change your life. Thank you Sinead xx
— Hannah in New York
Just WOW! - Thank you :)
— John in Hong Kong
I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my hip and knee for a long time, some days I could not walk with the pain. I’ve been taking painkillers for some time to try and relieve the pain to try and get some comfort. 
I was informed about Sinead through a friend of mine who said to me that I should try a treatment with her. 
I got in contact with Sinéad bearing in mind that I live in Ireland and Sinéad lives in London. I was told to make myself comfortable which I did and before I knew it and without mentioning to Sinéad she was able to tell me why I was asking for her help. I was so amazed at her reaction I immediately felt so relaxed and comfortable. Within minutes I could feel heat from my hip all the way down my leg which I could only describe was like waves travelling up and down my leg. After about ten minutes I felt as if my whole leg was floating away from my body. This experience was something that I never felt before. I could not believe the difference how I felt after the treatment and how I’m feeling since the treatment and it’s all thanks to this wonderful talented young lady. I was totally wowed by it and I am looking forward to having more treatments without any hesitation. I could not recommend Sinéad highly enough it was an incredible experience for which is was most great full.
— Helen in Ireland