"The thing that for me makes THE difference (besides being Sinéad herself) is the support she gives me throughout, not only during those two hours sessions. Sometimes one needs a push or a word of motivation, especially who is pursuing their own entrepreneurial vein. She surprises me how she knows when I need to keep going, to take action and her words make a difference on my days"




Have you ever felt any of the following;

  • Overwhelmed with the tasks at hand?
  • Consumed with worry or guilt?
  • The feeling of being alone or lost?
  • Not knowing your true purpose in life?
  • Or knowing your true purpose in life but not knowing how to put it into action?

I was born with a gift of heightened intuition, a clairsentience, an empath, a clairvoyant. Now this doesn't mean that I use my psychic ability 24/7 and it certainly doesn't mean that spooky things follow me around. It simply means that I combine my natural born ability with years of study and development to listen, guide and support you on making your dreams become a reality.

After we have been introduced, we will then arrange our first chemistry meet and greet where I like to hear all about you, your life, your relationships and most importantly your life dreams. Then we will devise a clear path to action on how we can bring your goals to life. This can include face-to-face meetings, Skype/FaceTime conversations, email, phone or via other common means.

It will be a bright, emotional journey forever like an emotional detox. You will feel light, a sense of relief, empowered, motivated, protected, guided and so much more. I am here to ensure that you are on the path that your heart truly desires.

Why not arrange a 15 minute complimentary phone conversation with Sinéad to ensure that this the best step for you.