“After working with so many beautiful souls in all corners of the globe I can honestly say that creating a space to work one-on-one is truly a magical experience. I start every session with an energy reading to get to the root of why you are feeling stuck/ low in energy/ or if you're handling difficult emotions etc. and from there, the transformation starts to take place. I WILL challenge your current thought process, I WILL give you Intuitive Guidance and I WILL support you as you shift your mindset to a mindset of attraction.”

- Sinéad


one to one

There are times when we can feel ‘off’, not ourselves or out of balance and it can be very hard to understand why this is happening or how to overcome these feelings. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE THIS ANYMORE. There are times we can get into an energy of over analysing ourselves and why we feel a certain way, this can leave us feeling even more confused and disconnected from our emotions.

Words will never truly express how you feel BUT your energy will. So, I ask you to tell me nothing about yourself and let me use my intuitive gift to read your energies to determine the energetic cause of an issue or concern.

When we have been feeling a certain way for some time, it can sometimes cloud our vision on how to overcome these difficult emotions. Throughout our session, I will read your energy to understand the root cause of these emotions so that we can reduce the symptoms that you feel daily.

Throughout our Intuitive Energy sessions, I will challenge your current thought process to help you understand your emotions and why you feel the way that you do.

With intuitive guidance, energy reading, a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and a variety of alternative therapies, I will help you to overcome any limiting beliefs that you may have, I will help you to gain clarity on what you truly want in your life and most importantly, I will support you to take action to achieve what you want. 

I have one rule: I can help you change your life IF you help me to help you.


Every Thursday only from 8am - 8pm