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After listenting to your brand direction, vision for your business and desired financial outcome, Sinead will use her expansive knowledge to design, create and develop signature treatments for your brand.

Due to a wealth of experience and knowledge in the Beauty and Holistic industry Sinead will design specific, targeted, results driven treatments exclusive to your business along with a pricing structure for your treatment menu that will ensure a higher revenue and return on investment.

Sinead will also develop all in-depth training material including educational training manuals and treatment protocols.


Having been an international trainer for many years, Sinead has worked with a number of pre-openings, 5 star hotel spas and salons both in the UK and internationally. She uses her strength and intuition that allows her to adapt and cater all training to each individual to ensure that each member of the team will exceed in all that they do.

Sinead has a very unique gift whereby she can ignite a spark and passion that lies within every person she meets . Through her sheer desire to encourage, motivate, empower and educate Sinead will take you on a journey that will leave you feeling hungry to develop, grow and to be the best therapist that you can be.

Sinead will not only deliver a 5 star training like no other but she will create a bond amongst your team that will ensure high performance at all time resulting in high profit for your business.