“Become the person you have always wanted to be”

Sinéad de hÓra

Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist

Motivational Speaker & Writer

Founder of Treatment Creations

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There is a solution to everything,

we just need to create it.

Here is how I can help you to find the solution,clarity & balance that you are looking for…


Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Guidance, energy reading and healing to help you to overcome difficult emotions, remove limitations and start living your dreams. Combining healing, a variety of massage techniques, alternative therapy and CBT, this treatment will be tailored to ensure you become the person you want to be.

Distant Healing & Energy Reading

After connecting via Skype/FaceTime or Zoom we will start with an energy reading to determine the energetic cause of an issue or concern. We can corporate guided meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, intuitive guidance and much more for physical and emotional healing and transformation.

Creative Business Mentoring

Looking to set up a business or are you currently running your own business? I have created time for you to share your vision so that we can define your USP, where I can guide & support you emotionally, mentally & logically. Where we can ignite the creative process to turn your dreams into profits.


Tarot & Angel Card Readings


Clarity of Mind

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All things business



Subscribe to DROPLETS podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to inspiring you to become the person you want to be. I talk intuition, business, mindset, goal setting and so much more. This is your podcast so email me with any topic or question that you would like me to answer.



Create the life and business you love with Intuitive Guidance from Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist, Sinéad de hÓra.


We all have goals, we all have dreams and I cannot wait to help you achieve yours.

You can achieve anything you want to as long as you DEFINE your dreams, BELIEVE in yourself and take ACTION! With completely tailored Intuitive guidance I can help you do just that.

It is time to overcome your difficult emotions, it’s time to remove your self-sabotaging thoughts and limitations that have been on repeat in your mind for far too long, it’s time to clarify what you really want from your life and/or business and it’s time to have FUN in all that you do. IT IS POSSIBLE!

What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present! Everything you want can happen; are you ready to enhance your mindset, believe in your dreams and become the best version of yourself?



I have gifts just for you…

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Sinéad in the media

Whether or not you believe in spirituality or intuition, gaining some clarity and having some guidelines are definitely helpful. The most important takeaway of the session was the fact that Sinead could describe how I felt without my uttering a single word - my multiple layers of emotions, & gave me advice on how to let them go and work on it. I can totally see why she won the best mentor award

- Elle


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