Live in the moment!...

Living in the moment.... For the first time in my life I finally understand what that means.

I can never sit still, I always have to be moving and doing something and even when I am sitting my mind is always thinking about what I can do next. I've spent the last few months awake at night because my mind just won't 'switch' off. I was that emotionally, mentally and physically active that I was worried I would be restless on my holiday.

My love and I decided that we would turn off all technology for a whole week in order to be in the present moment and enjoy our week together. That meant no social media, no what's app, no phone calls, no clock, just us!

Surprisingly enough it was the easiest and most refreshing thing that we have ever done. 

Whilst sitting under the warm rays of the sun, my love looked at me and said "the only time you're ever quiet is when you're planning or creating something, so what are you thinking?" To his shock I said "absolutely nothing, I'm just breathing". I meditate daily and have done so for years however this week I realised that it was the first time ever that I truly connected with my body, my soul, my inner spirit and I finally listened to what my body and soul needs. 

When was the last time you turned off the TV, your phone, ipad, laptop, the radio etc. all at once? Now is the time to do so. If a day seems like too much to start with then take an hour. Sit with someone and really be engaged with their beauty without having the interruption of a text message come through. Engage with yourself. Connect with the inner you. I guarantee you will learn something new about yourself. Just sit comfortably and feel your body from within.

After having 7 days of ultimate relaxation I feel calm, centred, laid-back (weird feeling), invigorated and so excited for what's to come however right now is where my mind is. Right now is where you need to be. Right now is where you are making new memories. Now is the time for you!