Miracles, Memories and Happiness...

We have been back to "reality" for nearly a week now and for the first time ever we have still maintained our holiday feeling. Want to know how?

How many of you have said or thought the following:
"I can't wait for the weekend"
"I can't wait for the party in a few weeks"
"I can't wait to go on holidays"
"I can't wait!" Well why wait??? If you bring more attention to your every day life you won't need to wait.

Miracles, memories and happiness happen every single day. If you slow down and become more aware of your surroundings and become more aware of yourself you will start to enjoy every moment of every single day and you'll never have to 'wait' for another exciting experience again!!! Every night before you go to sleep try and think of your favourite moments from that day. I promise you when you are aware, you will have millions.

Happy Sunday beautiful souls! 

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