Tired of being tired?...

Have you ever felt so exhausted you just couldn't sleep? 

Have you every felt so tired that it made you feel down, disconnected and even isolated?

For a few weeks in a row I just couldn't shift the pure exhaustion. I am running two business, one of which involves energy healing, I am studying and also trying to have a life outside of work which is exhausting. Well to say I was burning the candles at both ends would be an understatement. 

My energy was flat, my spark was fading, I didn't sleep which meant I had no energy to exercise and therefore craved carbs and unhealthy foods for energy boosts which in turn made me gain weight. - it was a spiral that was getting out of control. 

After one Saturday night when I was trying on clothes that no longer fit I made a decision that I needed to look after myself in order to look after my friends, family, clients and just to be the best person that I could be. 

I decided that I was going to make sure I felt good with everything I did every single day. I started to focus on the outcome of every situation rather than the idea of doing it, if that makes sense. 

For example; Instead of dreading going to the gym, I would focus on how I would feel after my workout which then inspired me to go. Instead of just eating whatever food was in front of me, I decided to focus on how my energy and digestive system would feel after eating it which made me actually listen to my body and what it needed to be refueled. 

Focus on the outcome in order for you to be able to enjoy and connect with the present moment. By taking time to listen to your body and setting an intention of feeling good it has actually allowed me to take time to do the little things that make my soul happy every single day. 

Once you take time and nurture your soul you will naturally feel uplifted, motivated, and you will have the energy to succeed in everything that you want to achieve. 

Try it! Do three things a day that make you happy... Let your light shine from within!