The signs...

Have you been noticing the signs?

When you ask for a sign or for help from the Angels you might not hear the answers straight away or at least you might not hear the answers through your physical hearing. However, when you ask you will always receive... The angelic signs are subtle, now it’s time to become more aware of them. 

They signs come in a variety of forms, I would like to share with you some of the signs that I personally receive on a regular basis:
- A feather will suddenly appear from no where - The same song will just appear at random times when I am in different places - the song will always have a message to the question that I asked
- A cute little red breast robin will sit perched outside my window - Butterflies (particularly white) will land on me or fly past me touching my face
- When holding my Angel cards, one will just jump out of my hand - And of course the beautiful angelic whispers I hear especially when I am grounded and connected or just before going to sleep.

Please feel free to share some of the beautiful signs that you receive from your guardian Angels?