'A feeling of worry, nervousness, or an unease about something with an uncertain outcome' 

'A strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen'

- Google definition

When I typed in the word 'anxiety' into Google I found the above two definitions, note the common denominator.... 'uncertain outcome!' 'something TO happen!' Both definitions describe the cause of anxiety to be when we focus about things that might or might not happen in the FUTURE. 

The future. If I asked you to describe what you are going to do in EVERY single second between 5pm and 6pm this evening you would not be able to do it, so why even think about it? You might be able to share a detailed description about a task that you may do that could take 10 minutes however what about the other 50 minutes or should I say 3000 seconds? 

Anxiety has an amazing way of reaching us when we least expect it and it also has a unique way in coming to us in a variety of different forms. Personally, when I am not connected to the present moment that's when my anxiety hits me. On many occasions, it has kept me company all night long when I am wide awake, exhausted but I just cannot seem to sleep. It has made me jittery and jumpy at times, it knows exactly how to turn on the waterworks and have me in tears within seconds. It has made me feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest to the point where I have been rushed to hospital in fear that I was having a heart attack. Like I said, it comes in many different forms if we are not connected to the present moment. 

A very famous little man was once asked what he gained from meditation, his reply - "Nothing, however let me tell you what I lost - Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old, age and death".  - what does this tell you? 

All we seam to be hearing lately is the following words: Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nirvana, balance and more.  What do these words have in common?... THE BREATH!

Right now you need to to stop reading and take 5 long deep breathes. I would like you to place your right hand on your lower abdomen and when you inhale through your nose, I would like you to push your hand away with your abdomen and hold for 4 seconds. When you exhale I would like you to push your abdomen back inwards with your hand and exhale through your nose. 

I can guarantee that you didn't think of anything but the breath when doing that exercise - I bet you feel calm, relaxed and connected (if not, do it again and again!) 

The point that I am trying to make is - when you focus on your breath you are connecting to the present moment. The present moment is where you will connect with your body, your mind, your soul and the energy around you. How does it feel when I say the following: YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR PRESENT MOMENT! Live in it, love it, feel it!

Forget the future, it hasn't even happened yet!