Set your inner child free!...

Have you ever noticed how amazingly active, adventurous and courageous children are?...

Every Sunday for the past few weeks, my boyfriend and I have made it a habit to go on hikes in the country side to get away from the hectic energy of the city. We have noticed that over the past few weeks that a 'Sunday hike day' is extremely popular with young families, couples of all ages and to my sheer joy we see a lot of people walking with their dogs. What I have noticed in particular is how bloody crazy and amazing children are!

A lot of the time when walking we have noticed that the parents are just strolling, they look exhausted and are not really talking to each other. However, when you look at their children they are nearly always covered in muck, they are laughing, joking, talking to themselves, they climb trees, jump over or on anything that looks dangerous and they think that walking on solid ground is just plain boring! 

I feel half embarrassed to admit it but as a woman in my late 20's I was actually really jealous of the children and how free their little spirits are. Have you noticed how courageous they are when they are young? How their eyes light up with the thought of a new adventure? Well last Sunday I decided to set my soul/my inner child free. I went out, bought some wellies and do you know what the first thing I did when we started out on our walk?... I jumped in the biggest puddle that I could find! We spent three hours on a 10k hike climbing trees, kicking muck at each other, chasing each other with dirt and creepy crawlies and we literally laughed and drank our tears all day. I am not going to lie we were exhausted by the end of the night but we both felt exhilarated! 

Every single one of us has an inner child waiting to come out and play. What did you love doing as a child? What sparked your creativity? What made you laugh until you had a stomach ache? What made you feel like you could fly? Do you remember that feeling, the feeling of being invincible? Well this weekend why not dedicate it to your inner child. SET IT FREE! Do something that will make your heart skip a beat. Do something for yourself. Be a child again! 

I would love to hear some of your favourite childhood memories... feel free to share below!

Happy Friday!