Comfort Zones...

This year I made one resolution and one only and that was to make sure I do things in 2016 that I've wanted to do for years but never had the confidence to do in the past.

Those that know me know that I have always had a dream to be on a west end or broadway show. I spend my time singing, dancing and putting on voices for my family and friends but I would never dream about letting strangers see that side to me... God no!

My boyfriend decided that he was going to be apart of my new years resolution and he so kindly bought me a taster session to a theatre class in the City Academy in London. Upon receiving this gift I had a mix of emotions, the first one being dread, the second - fear and the third - slight excitement.

For days, weeks even, I was literally dreading this class. I'm quite confident at dance, seeing as I did spend 17 years of my life travelling Europe performing Irish dancing, however singing,  out loud, in public, in front of strangers.... dear lord this is the most terrifying thing for me.

All day yesterday I kept saying over and over again how I didn't want to go. On my journey to the Academy my heart was pounding, I was sweating, my mouth was dry and I could already feel that my face was blushing. Just before I arrived at the front door of the building I thought to myself - 'this is ridiculous! Why on earth am I nervous?' So I stopped, took a few deep breathes and remembered that this is something that I have wanted to do for years. 'Relax and have fun Sinéad, relax and have fun!'

The teachers were exactly what I expected - full of life, full of passion, ever so dramatic with their hand movements, facial expressions and just how they spoke in general. This instantly put me at ease.

We started with something that comes so natural to me - dance. The second I heard the music my inner child was leaping for joy. I felt like I had an army of angels behind me clapping and saying "she's finally letting go!". Over the course of the 90 minutes we learned the entire song and dance moves to 'All that Jazz' from the musical Chicago. Yes I did have to sing and make funny faces but so did everyone else in the class and it was amazing!

I left the class feeling exhilarated, light, free, full of life and proud. I am so proud of myself for stepping out, doing something that scared me and that took me completely out of my comfort zone.

Now, I am booking the entire 8 week course where I will have to sing, dance and act in front of a live audience at the end of the 8 weeks... Ahhhh!

It still scares me but if I never took that step I never would have got to experience something that I have always dreamed of.

What are you afraid of? What have you always wanted to do but you've just never got around to doing it?

Do something TODAY that you have always wanted to do but you have just never had the courage to do it! Step out of your comfort zone today. Life is so much more fun when you think, act and live outside of that the box!