It's ok to take time-out...

When is it appropriate to rest? ....

10 months ago I set up my business and in the course of the past 10 months my business has gone from strength to strength but mentally, I just didn't stop to take a breath. Yes, I practice yoga, I meditate, I connect spiritually, I listen to my intuition but it wasn't until about a month ago that I truly started putting myself first.

I decided that I wanted to just feel good. I decided that every day I was going to base all of my decision making with the outcome to just feel good on an emotional and physical level.

When you start something new you want it to be a huge success, you want to feel empowered and you want to feel that you have accomplished what you set out to do. So to reach our goals we tend to throw ourselves into the project without taking a minute for ourselves to reflect or to simply rest.

For the past two weeks, maybe more, I have noticed that by body was fighting a cold. So I listened to my body, I acknowledged the message, I ate extremely healthy and started taking a lot of natural immune boosting supplements as well as taking a lot of vitamins. The only thing I didn't do was rest.

I have always loved working and being active, there is no better feeling than setting goals and achieving them. Due to my love for being busy there have been many a time when I actually felt guilty for not working, for relaxing and for taking time-out... how crazy does that sound? If your body is telling you to rest, you need to rest. It is perfectly fine to take time out to sleep, to read a book, to connect. What happens if you keep pushing yourself? You will end up like me now, you will make yourself ill and you will have no choice but to stop and relax. I personally would much prefer to relax when I feel healthy rather than having my body force me to rest due to an illness, a cold or the flu.

Take time out today. Take even an hour for yourself to do something for you. Something that will give you that 'AHHH' feeling, a sense of stillness, a sense of relaxation.

I have decided to make today a day for me. I have surround my house with bright, colourful flowers. I have soft, soothing music on and I plan on doing things at my own leisure today in order to nourish my soul, my energy.

My point... It is ok to take time-out!