Feeling empowered...

What do you truly want to do with your time on this planet?...

Ok, I know that's such a deep question for a Tuesday morning and sometimes I don't even know what I want for lunch but there's one thing I know now and it's what I'm meant to be doing with my life.

How do you find out?...

  • Do something every single day that makes you laugh and smile from the inside out
  • Take risks
  • If you're not happy doing something well then don't do it
  • If you truly want to do something, you will always find a way to do it
  • Change your language and the way you talk to yourself

And most importantly,

  • Rid yourself of fear, negative thoughts and any feelings that don't serve your soul.

We are our own worst nightmare at times. The only thing that stops us from pushing ourselves is that silly little voice in our head. Do you know what that voice is called? Fear!

We naturally have an instinct to protect ourselves but these feelings are just messages. Like receiving a txt message, its important to just listen to it, then delete it.

Use your words wisely. Whatever you say becomes a reality. Have you ever noticed when you say you're tired you'll feel even more tired. If you wake up and say 'today is going to be a great day' - it always turns out to be a great day. This is because you are controlling your own energy.

I know it is annoying when we constantly hear 'You are the master of your own destiny', 'you can do whatever you put your mind to'  blah blah blah... There are days when I don't want to be the master, I just want to sit quietly, eat chocolate, and watch silly TV. The truth be told, we are the master of our own destiny. We can have what we want. We might have to work harder than ever before to get it, but we will get it.

Take time today to sit and write down what you want out of life. I like to do it in catagories, for example:

  • Write a section about your career
  • Write what you want from your love life/ relationships in general
  • what material items would you like to own
  • How would you like to feel, to look

You can create as many sections as you need to. The point is to just put it out there. Once you know what you want it is easier to get it.

Happy writing!