Stepping into your own power...

Have you ever felt that there was so much going on that your energy was out of control, out of balance?...

Have you ever felt calm, aware of your energy and surroundings but you felt that things were moving too slow or not in the way you had planned?...

Well lately, strangely enough I have been feeling both on occasion. I have either had so much energy that I am accomplishing so much but I am not connected to myself in anyway shape or form OR I am so connected that I just want to 'chill', connect some more and I end up getting nothing done but I feel "balanced".

Feeling like this has been driving me crazy! I am either up or down, there seems to be no happy medium. The last two days in particular my energy has been very down. So down, that I spent all morning just crying. I literally couldn't tell you what I was crying for but I wanted to just get it all out, so I did. Once I had no more tears left, I looked outside, opened the patio doors and all I could hear, see, and feel were the birds singings, the beautiful blue sky and the sun kissing my skin. I suddenly thought 'Right Angels, what is going on with me?'

I spent the next 5-10 minutes just sitting and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my body when my intuition kicked in and I heard the following:

'Heal your insecurities! - Humans can be their own worst enemy at times because when they have doubt, feel insecure, feel unlovable, they will attract circumstances and relationships that confirm that belief. Know your worthiness and know that you are loved, guided and supported by us and the people in your life. Know that the path you have chosen is the right one for you and that you need to trust the process. Let go, set goals, decide what you want to achieve and we will guide you to achieve them.'

I know we all need to have our 'wobble' days. We all cannot be chirpy and 'up-beat' 24/7 however we must listen to our emotions and not ignore them. Our emotions are messages. Once we hear them and learn from them, we can in fact delete them and continue to be chirpy and 'up-beat'.

We can be so hard on ourselves at times and for what?... if we don't love ourselves then how can we expect others to? The more we cherish ourselves, the more we will value love and the more we can enhance the lives of everyone we meet including our own.

What do you love about yourself?

Take time now to just sit and create a list of every single thing you love about yourself. There must be at least 10 things on your list. You can do it! By loving yourself, you increase your energy frequency, your energy power, which will naturally attract more positivity into your daily life.

Step into your power today!