Creating beneficial habits...

Does exercise really give you clarity?...

I won't go into too much detail again but if you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that for the past few weeks I have been feeling stuck in the same old emotional rut, day in, day out.

About a year ago, I used to go to the gym 5, sometimes 6 days a week. I used to get up at 6am every single morning to meet two of the most beautiful souls where we would work our bums off for an hour before going to work.

Being an entrepreneur, as some of you might know, you don't really have any routine. You are your booking system, you are the PR and marketing team, you are the operational team, you are the manager, you are the HR, head of finance and every thing else that comes with it. At the start of any business you will do anything to ensure it's success and this means sacrificing a few things.

One of the things that took a back seat in my list of priorities was working out. Over the past year my weight has fluctuated. I have had no regular eating habits as I was/am constantly on the go so I was 'picking' on random (sometimes not so healthy) food whenever I could. I changed my gym as I wanted to go to one closer to my house but of course I would be missing out on working out with my two motivational women. So needless to say, over the past year I have not put much focus on working out at all.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, 'Stuck in a rut', I wanted to change my daily habits and create a healthy work-life balance. This means seeing my girlfriends more, spending time with my family, creating amazing memories with my love and of course doing things that make me happy.

Last week I went to my first gym class where I met two lovely ladies to work out with. I literally couldn't walk the next day with the pain in my legs. I got up the next morning, stretched and went straight to another gym class working another part of my body. I am not going to lie I did not want to go to the gym at all, I only went because the other ladies were going and I didn't want to look like a quitter. Over the course of 7 days I have been to the gym 6 times alternating my focus on what part of my body to exercise.

Do you know that for the past week my energy has been full of life, I have been more focused with work, I am so much more positive and just generally back to myself again.

I have always looked at people like they were crazy when they say 'they love the gym'. I don't think I will ever say that I love the gym, its smelly, sweaty, full of crazy energy but you know what... I get it. I genuinely have loved working out this week. It is just one hour a day where you don't have to think of anything but your body. I have spent all week thanking my muscles for working, thanking my lungs, my heart and brain for all it does for me. I am now dedicating all of my workouts to my body.  It does so much for me it is time to give back what it deserves.

Ok sorry, hippie Sinead came out for a minute but my point is... what can you do today that will enhance your energies? Uplift your spirit? and simply make everyday a bloody brilliant day?

Whatever it is DO IT NOW!...