Create productive habits...

It's so easy to get into 'bad' habits right? For some of us, we find it so easy to fall into habits that don't always serve your soul to the maximum.

Have any of you noticed the heaviness in the energy this week? My goodness, I have found it difficult to keep my eyes open this week but partially due to the fault of my own. I knew that I was tired, I knew that it was going to be hard to push myself. I knew what I needed to do in order to win my day but I chose not to do it. As I didn't listen to my intuition I haven'tcompleted half as much this week as I had intended which doesn't sit well with my soul at all.

We all have the choice to do whatever we want. Nobody will hold your hand through life telling you what to do. So it is up to you to keep on going but how do you stay motivated? What three things can you do each morning that will kick start you on your journey to success every day? 

I've noticed that I've recently gotten into a bad habit and it's really started to drive me mad. Instead of getting up when my alarm goes off,  I pick up my phone, scroll through social media, answer emails and before I know it I've stayed in bed an extra hour. By doing this, I'm not fully engaging my body and waking up which in turn leaves me feeling lethargic throughout the day.

I've noticed that over the years I need to get really annoyed with myself to the point of complete and utter frustration in order for me to have my 'That's it!' moment and kick my ass into gear. Well let me tell you I had a massive 'That's it!' moment yesterday. I decided that I am going to win my mornings every single day in order ensure I go to bed each night feeling thankful and proud of myself.

This morning, I was awake before my alarm went off. Instead of having another few minutes in the bed, I got up, had a cup of hot water with lemon, practiced yoga, went for a run and then got ready for work. As I was doing my new morning routine, I was setting intentions on what I wanted to achieve today. You know what... it's not even 2pm and I have accomplished all of what I wanted today.

Now my morning routine won't suit everyone but that's the beauty of it. Do whatever it is that sparks your passion, your flame, your inner strength. Do you have habits that you wish to break? Do you have habits that you want to create?

Only you can decide if you want to change or not. Start today. If not now, when? ...

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