Would you like to listen to your own intuition?...

Have you ever found yourself searching through the television channels and say "there's nothing on!" Even though you have over 100 channels on your TV? Have you ever struggled to find something to do at the weekend even when there's like 10 -20 different events on?

Well yesterday I found myself walking from Picadilly Circus to Soho in central Londonlooking for a nice place to have lunch. There are hundreds of restaurants but I simply couldn't decide where to go which is crazy. After 20 minutes of just time wasting I decided to stop (in the middle of the street might I add) I closed my eyes and listened to what by body was telling me to get. I ended up having a delicious salad in a Spanish restaurant back where I had originally started.

Why do we find making decisions so bloody hard at times? Is it because there's always a million advertisements being thrown at us? Is it because we are listening to others opinions? No, it's simply because we aren't taking time to listen to our own gut feelings, our intuition. This represents all aspects in life. From picking a programme to watch on TV, choosing the next book that you want to read, where to go on vacation, where to go for dinner, what your dream job is etc.

If we all just stopped, slowed down and actually listened to our gut instinct we would never find it hard to make a decision again. The answers are always inside us.

Why not try listening to your gut instinct today? Let me give you an example of what I need you to do.

Say you got offered a new job and you couldn't decide whether to accept the offer or not. I would like you to sit in a quiet room, take five long deep breathes. Once you feel relaxed I would like you to imagine that you have accepted the job and that you are already working with the company. Pay attention to how your body feels. Do you get butterflies with excitement? Do your shoulders stiffen up? Do you feel happy? Etc. Once you have done this I would like you to do the opposite. Take time to think of what it would be like if you didn't accept the job. Note how your body feels and reacts to each scenario, the thought that makes your body react in a positive manner is the answer and direction in which you are meant to take. 

You can use this technique for anything you are trying to make a decision on. Your body will always give you the right answer. Have a listen to your gut instinct. It's the best bit of advice you'll ever receive.

Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking
— Malcolm Gladwell