Do you let fear stand in your way?...

We all have fears that can sometimes cause anxiety and stress but what does it do for us in the long run? 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been the type of person that has her mind ten steps ahead of the pace my feet are moving. I am constantly coming up with amazing ideas on how to make myself a better person or how to make my business more successful etc. What I have noticed is that there have been times that I have had such exciting ideas that I love and I just know that I need to do something with them but they end up just sitting in my creative journal, why you ask? Because fear kicks in and I start to doubt myself, which then leads to immense anxiety and I just pop the idea aside to do the 'not so scary things'.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

How do I over come it? I used to always say and I constantly hear people now saying the exact same phrase -  "I suffer with anxiety". If you think about it, anxiety appears by having repetitive thoughts about the future and if you search the Google definition of suffering you will find it as 'the state of undergoing pain, distress or hardship'. It doesn't make sense right? If you translate the phrase we use to the exact Google meaning you should actually say "I choose to think harmful thoughts over and over again about the future which is out of my control, that make me feel down and powerless". When you break it down logically, why on earth do we do such things to ourselves?!

So baring all that in mind, what are you afraid of? What thoughts are stopping you from living your life purpose and following your dreams? I would like you to take time now or later today when you have time alone, to sit and write down all of the thoughts that you have that are holding you back. Please use a blue or black pen when doing this. Write down every single negative thought, write down the thoughts that cause your anxiety, that causes your stress, that cause you to stay awake at night and that causes you to keep your amazing ideas hidden away in a little book.

After you have done this I would like you to get a highlighter and a red pen. Take the red pen and draw a line over the thoughts that you know are just fear talking and that are false thoughts about yourself. Next you must highlight what is left. After you have done this I would like you to start dissecting each thought that you have highlighted and write down solutions as to how you are going to over come this.

Let me give you an example:

A few years ago I had a huge fear of public speaking so I followed the same procedure and marked off what I knew was fear and false thoughts. I was left with 'I can't do it! What if I forget what to say.' I then wrote down every single tool that I could use in order to ensure I wouldn't forget what I needed to say when speaking. For example, a section of my list looks like this;

  • Write my speech
  • Get Q cards and bullet point each topic
  • Record myself speaking in order to see what I liked and what I needed to enhance
  • Practise my speech in front of others
  • Learn harmonising breathing techniques to calm nerves

By planning steps to success it gave me the confidence to simply know that I can do these small things in order to reach my end goal and be successful in what I wanted to achieve. To this day, I still get nervous before speaking in public but I now know it is only fear acting as a protection for me. Let fear act as a protection and encourage you to move forward rather than hold you back.

Try this technique today. You will be surprised with the results and it will give you the opportunity to take that next step on the journey to living your true life purpose. 


"A touch of the jitters sharpens the mind, gets the adrenaline flowing and helps you to focus" - Richard Branson