Are you causing restrictions in your life?...

Overthinking causes restrictions. When you overthink, you restrict yourself from achieving what you desire and what you truly deserve. Stop thinking, just feel, just be.

How amazing would it be if we had a switch at the side of our head that enabled us to control our thought process and just ultimately allow us to 'switch off' from the worrying and from the active mind? Well how would you feel if I told you that you actually can do this and a physical switch is not needed. 

Overthinking - why do we do this? We tend to over think when we have too much time on our hands. Believe it or not when we are busy living our hectic lifestyle, when we are fully engaged with our life, when we are focusing on our passion and following our life purpose we don't have time to overthink. So basically, when we are bored, we think too much about the future instead of actively changing it.

When you overthink you naturally become focused on your thoughts. These thoughts don't always reflect your life at all. We tend to make little stories up in our mind, then get consumed by them and ultimately let these 'fake' thoughts control how we act and feel. We have all been guilty of this at some time or another,  yes? For example: have you ever received a text message, took the emotion from the text message to be shockingly negative, thought about it for hours before replying, then reply to realise that what you have been stressing about for hours turns out to be a figment of your imagination because you just read the message wrong? You wasted time overthinking instead of just confronting the question at hand and resulted in feeling a variety of emotions that caused stress or anxiety. 

I could list a million different examples sharing stories about how I wasted valuable time overthinking and not feeling, not connecting with the present moment. Last week, I had the worst pain in my lower back. I was so busy all week that I just ignored the pain and carried on looking after everyone else. On Thursday night I literally couldn't sleep with the pain in my back. As I was laying in bed, I kept trying to think what I had done that week that would cause such pain in my back. I decided to perform energy healing on my lower back to rid the pain and that is when I heard 'Stop thinking and just feel'. To my shock I realised that I hadn't listened, connected or respected my body all week - how awful. I was so engrossed in my mind that my poor body was completely neglected and this pain was my body's way of telling me to stop. Now don't get me wrong I achieved a lot last week, I didn't find myself overthinking or anxious in anyway but I simply wasn't listening to my body either.

So if you are the type of person that overthinks every situation, if you suffer with anxiety, if you feel an abundance of toxic emotions that don't reflect your life then you need to ensure that you do the following on a daily basis;

  • Keep busy with tasks that you enjoy and the stimulate your mind in a positive manner
  • Ensure that you are living, breathing and following your passion
  • Be creative!
  • When you notice that you have been following a story in your mind ask yourself 'Is this real or fake?'
  • Connect with your body - meditate, surround yourself with nature
  • Actively learn something new every single day
  • Simply surround yourself with an energy of peace and harmony whether you are listening to soft music, you attend a yoga class
  • Just be!

Remember overthinking causes restrictions. It is time to set yourself free and live the life that you truly desire.