My goodness what a year! I dedicated this year to travel, our Angels, family and fun and what a year it has been. Due to the normal flow of life, there has been a few lows and a lot of highs. I wanted to take this time to thank you, yes YOU! for being apart of my year, my life.

11 countries, 25 flights, umpteen hospital visits, surgery, birthdays, celebrations, tears, laughter, awards and a whole lot of fun, there is not much that I wouldn't change. 

I flew home early for Christmas this year to work but my body had something else in store for me... rest. With my body taking control I had no choice but to surrender this week and refocus my energy. So yesterday, I decided to go for a walk along the beach at home in Ireland where I found myself reminiscing over the year I have had. As I mentioned, there have been a lot of challenging times this year but my mind couldn't help but focus on all of the adventures, all of the memories that I have made this year and that is down to you.

I wanted to make a short (well, it was meant to be) video of some of my favourite memories that I have made this year. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you every happiness for 2018. Remember, life is about laughter, overcoming opportunities and embracing each and every moment that life has for you. 

To quote one of my favourite bands, Fleetwood Mac: 

  • Yesterdays Gone,
  • Go your own way and 
  • Skies the limit!