27th of November 2010... I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was 6am when I was making my way to the airport accompanied by my loving parents and amazing brother. The sky was pitch black, snow was thick on the ground and the four of us did nothing but cry the whole way to the airport. Flights were delayed for hours, there were hundreds of people stranded and cold in Dublin airport. I sat there, alone, with my hood up covering my face and with my very large suitcase that I couldn't lift, I just cried and cried. Cried out of fear, the unknown and with a lump of self doubt covering my entire body... what on earth was I doing?!!!


7 years later and it has been one of the best adventures of my life. My goodness, I have experienced every emotion under the sun. From having times of heartache, stress, uncertainty to following my dreams, living life to the full and meeting my soul mate in this great city. 

You can look at change as a challenge or you can look at it like change is an opportunity. I have had so much change over the last 7 years that I feel like I have been on a constant turnstyle, a turnstyle that has opened many doors. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or fearful by new possibilities that you are being faced with, ask yourself:

'Will this situation get me closer to reaching my goals?'

What can I learn from this situation?' 

There is something to be learned in all that you do, you just need to be open to receiving these lessons. If you are putting yourself in challenging circumstances that are getting you nowhere and are not going to benefit you on a long term basis, then change your direction. Life is far too short to waste time and effort on things that are A. not making us happy and B. are not benefiting us in any way, shape or form.


You know who you are so I wont start writing names but thank you for being apart of my life journey so far. Thank you for constantly showing me support, being there for me when I need an ear and sharing countless times of laughter with me. Thank you for being the light in my life.

7 years in London, I wouldn't change a second of it... what a city!


Number 7 is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest. Seven contains the number three of the heavens and the soul with the number four of the earth and body.