Appreciation v's Expectation...


This week I'm answering a question from a wonderful, creative soul who asks;

"How do you cope or deal with a lack of communication and appreciation from family members and/or friends"...

We so very often hear the following phrase "communication is key to success" and this couldn't be more true. 

Holding a feeling that you're the one there for others when they need you but you never have the love and appreciation reciprocated can be heart-breaking and isolating at times. It can also be quite depleting emotionally and energetically.  

Nowadays, we are "so busy". We rush around like headless chickens without noticing the beauty around us and the magic that this world has for us. We tend to be glued to our phones, head down peering into our bags, nose in our kindles that we are forgetting how to love and appreciate what is in front of us. 


  • Take time today to COMMUNICATE with another soul whether a stranger or a loved one. 
  • Set your expectations. Define what it is you desire from each of your family members and/or friends and ask them to define what they expect from your relationship. When you do this, you set your ground rules and you clearly define how both parties see the relationship developing which will result in managing your expectations so you know what you get, so-to-speak. 
  • Be mindful of your words. I feel like I use this phrase a lot actually. Let me explain: In a version of events, if ten people witnessed the exact same event they would each tell you a different story about that event. Every single one of us feels and interprets events and emotions so vastly different. Adapt your wording to meet the knowledge and understanding of the person you're communicating with I.e. Put yourself in their shoes. 

To the beautiful person who prompted this blog:

  • Share your feelings and passion about what having a close-knit family means to you. Be specific and to the point. 
  • Together with your friends and family, come up with a strategy of communication that suits you both for example: instead of speaking daily, perhaps you alternate a phone call every second Monday/ once a month etc


Take time today to send a txt/ email/ phone or even talk to someone face to face and tell them how much you appreciate them. State what you love about them and watch how both yours and their energy radiates. 

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With love,