Believe in your own power...

Fear is pain in the bloody ass right? 

I have been meeting so many incredible souls with such drive, ambition and a will to change the world. I keep asking the same question; "why haven't you achieved your goal yet?" Not one person can give me an answer but I can tell you their energy all reads the same... Self doubt and a whole load of fear!

What are we afraid of? I say 'we' with an open and honest heart. It is all very well knowing what our life purpose is but if you know it and do nothing about it or avoid the challenges well then what is the point in anything?

We are too hard on ourselves. We are too afraid of what others think. I can guarantee you that no matter what you do you will be judged. You will constantly have people watching you and commenting on what you are doing but let me tell you this - it is none of your business what other people think! How about if I told you that by you following your dreams you will naturally inspire at least one other person to step into their own power and follow what their heart truly desires. 

So do the following technique today;

  1. Write down your dreams and goals
  2. Then I would like you to write down every single bit of self doubt that you have linked with these goals
  3. I would then like you to write down what your life would be like if you stayed the same for the next 7 years - be as brutal as you can. 
  4. Next I would like you to write down all of the wonderful things that will happen when you follow your life purpose and accomplish all of your dreams - again be as honest as you can
  5. which sounds better? Staying the same or following your dreams?

I'm smiling for you now, it's time to let the world see your true authentic self. It's time to step out from behind your 'safety walls' and it is time to let your soul be happy and free. It's time!