There seems to be a significant pattern occurring amongst us... more and more people are battling with low self esteem, excessive self-doubt, zero confidence and low energy. But why? 

We are being fed with so much information all day, every day. From scrolling through Facebook/ Instagram/ Snapchat/ reading magazines, listening to the news etc. It can be daunting. As Denzel Washington once said; 

“when you don’t read the news you’re not informed,

when you read it, you’re misinformed”.

It’s so true! 

Instead of setting goals for ourselves we are looking at everyone else’s lifestyle on social media, comparing ourselves to others. 

  • Why do they have what I want?
  • How come they look like that and I don’t?
  • I wished I had his/ her life? Successful at 22, I should have started earlier.

I want to share a secret, the majority of what you see is FAKE, it’s just marketing. 

So what should you do to boost your self esteem?

  1. Reduce your time spent listening to all of that noise. Set an allotted time for social scrolling a day, a week even! 
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. When you find yourself doing this I would like you to STOP! and simply state what you love about yourself, at least 3 things.
  3. Be kind and help another. One way to lift your spirit is by lifting someone else’s. We are all here to ensure that we all live the best life possible and we do this through service. Volunteer your service, make someone else smile.
  4. Move your body. Motion releases emotion. When I say motion, I mean cardio. Sweat. Stimulate your endorphins. Release your happy hormones. At least up to 20 minutes a day.
  5. Set goals for yourself. We all strive for self fulfilment. You’re not going to achieve it by looking at someone else living your dream. So, state what you want to achieve/ what you want to change in your life. Create a plan on how you will achieve it and then TAKE ACTION. When we see change occurring or when we tick things off our to-do list, it naturally boosts our energy because we are fulfilling our goals. We are achieving.

So, the moral of the story is GET MOVING! stop looking at others living their lives whether it is marketing or not. Confidence isn't something that we are born with, it is something we learn through self-fulfilment and experience. 

Before you even begin, you NEED to define what a confident version of you looks like. If you can imagine it, you can see it. If you can see it, you can become it. 




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