For years I've gone through phases of having severe anxiety. I say "phases" because throughout the years I have learned to control/ harmonise the anxiety that appears when I least expect it. 

The past week I had the worst anxiety that I've had in years. My god it knocked me for six. I couldn't sleep. I was highly emotional. I couldn't concentrate, I had such a bad pain in my chest and I just couldn't catch my breath. 


Anxiety is just an emotion. An emotion that occurs when our mind-set is in the future tense. Normally I can feel anxiety creeping in and when this happens, I can stop it straight away by making slight changes in my lifestyle but for some reason I just got hit with anxiety all at once and 'out of the blue'. 

After a day and a half of feeling awful, I thought to myself "ok what can I do to understand my emotions and connect to the present moment?"


1. Move my body through exercise classes / yoga / @piyoworkout

2. Meditate daily. Take time for myself. I do this by sitting in or facing my garden (depending on the weather). I have incense burning in the background, with a notepad and pen at hand in case I want to jot down any guidance I may receive. 

3. Stop wasting time on social media. Set an allotted timeline a day/week for social media activities. 

4. Eat what makes my mind/ body/ soul feel happy and healthy

5. Express how thankful I am for all that I have in my life

6. Say 'no' to anything that doesn't make me feel incredible and listen to my gut instinct. 

7. Be careful what you listen to. Depending on what I am working on, I will have a different genre of music playing in the background. I love classical music and lately, I have been listening to it more and more. I listen to it when working, when cooking, when travelling on trains, in cars, on planes etc. It wasn't until yesterday that I realised that the energy from the music I was listening to was creating a strong energy in my chest that made me feel in a slight panic. So, I instantly changed it to 'Todays hits' on Spotify and BOOM! The panic went! It was incredible. I have always associated music to emotion but that was crazy.

It all sounds easy right? Being mindful of what your needs are should be the easiest thing in the world to do. We get so consumed with our desires/ comparing ourselves to others/ setting deadlines and speaking negatively about ourselves and we just need to remember that we are such Angelic beings. We must put ourselves first and do what makes us happy in order to keep our anxiety at bay.

After having a week of anxiety, I can now say that I feel at one again and balanced after honouring my body, mind and soul. 

Feel free to adapt my techniques into your daily life if you too get moments of anxiety. They work like a charm once you change your mind-set. When you change your outlook, you change you life.