This weeks question goes as follows;

"How do you let go of things that are irritating you or that cause you to feel off balance?"

What a great question as I'm sure we have all felt frustrated at one point or another

When someone or something irritates you, the easiest thing to do is get caught up in the energy of it by letting your thought process repeat the scenario over and over again in your mind. By letting it fester, it only disturbs your energy and it will bring your energy down resulting in you feeling stuck and even more annoyed.


The best thing to do in this situation is to simply send the person or situation, that is causing these feelings, some compassion and love. Also, take a step back to see why that situation has occurred or why that person acted the way they did will give you clarity and a deeper understanding of why it happened in the first place.

The point is to let go and to always come back to your own energy. Change your thoughts and you change your life. Try it now, even by sending positive thoughts to whatever caused you the upset will already create a shift in your energy.

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