For the past few days I have felt this disconnect from what I didn't know, until yesterday it dawned on me.

As most of you know, for the past week ,in London, we have had a heat wave. At 34 degrees we have all been feeling hot and sticky which is awful when you have no air conditioning right? When it's that hot outside and I'm sure hotter inside, you don't really want to cuddle and simply touch anyone.

Yesterday, it was 22 degrees. A normal temperature. For the first time all week my boyfriend and I did our usual cuddle on the sofa and then it hit me. I WAS MISSING THAT SKIN TO SKIN TOUCH.

Oh my god it makes perfect sense. It is so important for us to express our love through connection whether we are cuddling, offering a hug or even holding hands.

Try it today and see how you feel. Hug a friend for a second longer. Embrace your child, mother, father, sibling or even your partner. The power of touch is so much more powerful than we realise. It lifts your energy and gives you a sense of comfort like you won't believe.

Try it!

With love,