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Italy Retreat 25th - 30th of October 2019

Brought together by Zen Wellness

For Inner Transformation And Energy Awakening


Self-Care is not just about doing something for yourself, it is about letting go of past annoyances, reconnecting with your heart’s inner peace and creating space for yourself to think and to feel without judgement. Self-care is when we commit to saying ‘goodbye’ to what no longer serves us. It is about consciously creating a space for you to understand your emotions, deeply connect to the physical whispers of your body and soul and allowing room for growth and inner transformation.

Have you been feeling any of the following?

  • Overworked?

  • Physically and mentally tired?

  • Mentally foggy?

  • Low in energy?

  • Uncertain?

  • Ready for change?

  • Committed to putting you first?

Jen, Celine and Sinead, three specialists in their chosen field of Holistic Therapies have been guided together to create a loving, nourishing and transformative retreat for you.

With Kundalini Yoga by the sea, Guided Meditation, peaceful walks in nature along the Italian coastline, mindful talks, Intuitive Healing, Spiritual guidance and much more, we have created this space for you to do whatever your heart is calling for. Enhance your mindset, raise your energy vibrations and create new, positive habits that you can continue long after the retreat has ended.

Do you need some ‘you-time’? We all do and there is nothing more profound than being supported and guided by three incredible healers as you transform your life forever...

Sinéad, Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist and Founder of Treatment Creations

Sinéad, Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist and Founder of Treatment Creations

Sinéad de hÓra

Sinéad is a Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist and Founder of Treatment Creations. Sinéad has been connected with energy and spirit her whole life, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ as she was known, always looking to comfort and support others, reminding them of their beauty within.

Through many trials and tribulations, it became apparent to Sinéad to give up her jet-setting lifestyle to focus on her true calling in life; to support and guide others on their life journey. Sinéad has been working in the Beauty and Holistic industry for over 13 years and during this time has continued to study and learn in order to develop her natural gift. Now, she combines Philosophies, Alternative Therapy, Energy Reading, Energy healing, a variety of specialised massage techniques, CBT and her intuitive visions to remove any physical or emotional blocks in your wellbeing.

Sinéad collaborates with some of Europe’s prestigious Spas and Resorts where she offers her Intuitive Healing, Workshops and Retreats.

Clarity of mind, peace in heart and a new sense of love for life are a few common results that her clients feel the most after working with Sinéad. There is nothing that you cannot overcome together. Her mission is to ensure that “you feel better today so that you can make every tomorrow even better”

Jen, The Founder of Zen Wellness

Jen, The Founder of Zen Wellness



Jennifer is a gifted and dedicated healer, deeply spiritual and passionate about helping others. Jennifer discovered her gift of healing at the age of nineteen, following an intense meditation practice. After a successful career in the Corporate World, Jennifer decided to fully embrace her gift and engage with her true life purpose. Jennifer has spent considerable time developing her skills as a healer, undertaking various courses, attending workshops with other practitioners, but mainly though the interaction with her clients that Jennifer considers to be her greatest teachers.

Jennifer has been on her spiritual path for 17 years now. She started soaking up spiritual principles, meditation practices and anything else that helped her get aligned with her true purpose: to be a source of love, happiness and inspiration in the world which sparked the birth of Zen Wellness, a Five-Star Wellness Centre.

“After our time together, I then lead you through gentle prompts to help you continue to help yourself. My wish is to inspire & empower my clients with new methods to create change in their life. Healing can be done in many different ways, and I can help you to step into the flow of a practice that works well for you. “ - Jen

Celine, The Founder of Minding Me Wellness

Celine, The Founder of Minding Me Wellness

Celine Doyle

Celine is owner and founder of Minding Me Wellness which offers 1:1 intuitive coaching and healing sessions, weekly kundalini yoga classes and custom designed heart-led workshops and retreats. Celine has over 15 years’ experience working in HR in large corporations and in 2017 decided to take the leap of faith and set up her own company to follow the whispers of her soul. Her mission is to help others connect with their soul, heal and bring more peace, flow and joy into their lives.  

Her motherly nature cocoons you providing a safe space for you to peel back the layers of protection that you have built around you over the years. Her soft approach to therapy guides you back to your centre, revealing a path way to your souls deepest treasures.