Sheer bliss! Just what I needed. I have been so stressed lately that I have forgotten to look after myself. I experienced this ‘me-time’ with Sinead and within a few minutes of being aware of my body, I felt myself relax like I haven’t done in years. Not only was our time amazing but the feeling of complete zen lasted all night after our treatment ended. It really is the best ‘me-time’ that I have had in a long time. I cannot wait for more... it’s my new treat for myself!
— Tanya


Let’s create 30 minutes of ‘Me-Time’ where we can connect in your own little bubble of bliss. No rushing, no thinking about tomorrow, nobody calling you, nobody needing something from you, just TIME FOR YOU.

In this 30-minute ‘Me-Time’ moments we can dedicate every second to what your body, mind and soul needs to feel cocooned in an energy of relaxation. This will be done from the comfort of your own home so let your body melt into your favourite armchair, let your mind be still and enjoy this meditative journey back to your soul and hearts desires.

You need this time to yourself. You deserve this time to yourself.

No interruptions, no distractions… just you!


  • Guided Meditation designed specifically for your energy

  • Energy reading

  • Energy healing

  • Tailored breathwork designed in accordance with your energy and needs

  • Mindfulness focus

  • Body and soul connection through mindful awareness

  • A follow up email with any additional intuitive guidance and insight that I may have received throughout our session

  • Remember that this is not a talking therapy, it is time created for you so that you can take time-out from your daily routine



This is your time. Feel free to play your favourite, relaxing music in the background, light your favourite scented candles or grounding incense. Wear your fluffy slippers and baggy clothes… do whatever makes you comfortable and happy. And don’t forget to turn your phone off!

Let there be no interruptions, no distractions… just you!


I will not talk to you at the end of the 30 minutes. You will feel deeply relaxed, grounded and in your own peaceful trance so I will quietly slip away by hanging up Skype/ FaceTime or Zoom to allow you to drift even deeper into your own sacred time for yourself. I will follow up with an email to share any further insight or intuitive guidance that I may have received throughout your ‘Me-Time’ moments.