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"Working with a mentor can offer a shortcut to boosting your business and help you live the life you want, according to Sinead de hOra, Intuitive therapist and Award Winning Women's Mentor..."

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Join Women’s Mentor of the Year, Intuitive Specialist, Sinéad, where she will take you on a magical journey of cleansing, letting go of what no longer serves your soul and igniting an abundance of strength, love and passion back into your life.

A retreat like no other. You will be spending your days with an Award Winning Mentor, who will guide and empower you to take action on creating the life that you truly desire. Through group gatherings, one-on-one support and so much more, you will feel completely cocooned with the nurturing and angelic energy that Sinéad radiates.

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"Whether or not you believe in spirituality or intuition, gaining some clarity and having some guidelines are definitely helpful. The most important takeaway of the session was the fact that Sinead could describe how I felt, my multiple layers of emotions, and she gave me advice on how to let them go and work on it. I can totally see why she won the best mentor award".  

To read more about what the lovely Ophelia had to say about her work with me, follow link here

To read more about Sinéad's retreats in the Stunning Dar Jaguar in Marrakesh this year in June and August visit here for more detail 

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Beauty and the dirt

Love is not the word. I beyond love Sinead. I had no idea what an intuitive specialist was but I knew it was going to be an enhancing experience where my positivity would be brought to the fore. As soon as I met Sinead I felt as if I was in the presence of an angel. Or at least a white witch. I knew there was something special about her. I woke up the next day after my experience feeling weirdly great and I could not have felt more uplifted even though I am not going though an uplifting time. 90 minutes with Sinead or even 30 minutes is the best time you can ever spend. Her readings most accurate and she picked things up immediately that she couldn't know prior. Her treatments are more than just a million different kind of massage. It is massage with angels.

Click image to read the full review and magical words from Beauty and the dirt.

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Psychic News Magazine

"Waves of energy moved through my body – shivers, tears, the need to stretch and yawn – and then I felt a spirit in the room and that Sinéad was being overshadowed by a male spirit healer. She was very focused and appeared to enter a light trance while she was working and the messages, information and guidance she received were accurate and most helpful."

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