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Running a business can be emotionally, mentally and physically challenging. Who am I kidding?! It is hard work!!! I never knew that you could experience a million emotions all in one day until I launched my first business. The first year was the toughest thing that I have ever experienced.

I know you are nodding your head at this, right?

Whether you are currently running your own business, you are about to launch a new business, if you are in the development stage of starting a new business, if you are a manager or sole trader in general, I can completely relate to the challenges and opportunities that you face.

There are times when you simply wish you had a manager or a boss so that they could tell you what to do but when you really think about it, you would never work for anyone again…

I have created these Award-Winning breakthrough sessions for that exact reason. Time for focus, brainstorming, guidance, support and much more.


  • 60 or 90 minutes of time dedicated to you

  • Time to ask as many questions as you wish with regards to your business goal/ plan/ preparation such as Marketing Strategies, Operational Procedures, Product creation, Marketing Collateral, USP’s, Forecasting, Pricing Strategy, Website design and content creation etc. This is something we will work on together to ensure your vision for your business becomes your reality

  • Time for you to gain clarity on your vision and objectives

  • Time for you receive insight and direction on what to do next in your business

  • Time for motivational and inspirational ideas to be shared

  • Support and guidance on how to maintain a balanced mind-set when in business

  • Creative brainstorming and time to reignite passion


We can either hold our session via an online video platform or meet in person. I will send you a form to fill out prior to our initial session so that I can gain a clear insight to your vision/ goals and create a clear objective for our first meeting. As this is a business meeting, I will ask that you have all relevant equipment in front of you or with you when we meet. i.e. your laptop/ notepad and pens/ example collateral etc.


I am firm believer that your mentor needs to be someone that you can trust and completely rely on to give you exceptional support and guidance for your business development. So, before you even book a full session, let’s have a chat on the phone where I offer a FREE 20 minute consultation so that I can get a clear understanding of your requirements and I can share more about how I work. By doing so, we will establish if we will work well together. I believe in results and I only work with people willing to get them. Isn’t that what we want from our mentors?!

Let’s get going!