You are the first person that I have truly connected with. You spoke my language Sinead and you have inspired me more than anyone I have ever met.
— Martha



  1. Awaken Your Intuition

  2. Connect with the voice of your soul

  3. How to distinguish between your Intuition and Imagination

  4. The Power Of Intuitive Mindset

  5. How to harness and increase your energy levels

  6. The Art Of Manifesting

  7. Step into your confidence

  8. Business Start-Up’s as healer or Therapist

  9. Energetic Cord Cutting

  10. Find Your Why

  11. Meditation and Mindfulness,

  12. How to become more mindful in your daily life

  13. Strengthen Your Energy Awareness

  14. anything about energy, intuition, mindset, spiritual awakening….

“Our words hold a power to create, inspire and empower others. But with every Yin, there is a Yang. We also hold the power to destroy. Use your words to create a wave of positive change and remember, once you have spoken, you cannot take it back!” - @sineaddehora

Not only do Sinéad’s words transmit an energy to impact change in those with whom she speaks, her presence emits love and comfort allowing her audience to engage from the heart as well as the head. Therefore, she connects with both mind and intuition. These are the two key elements that are needed to ignite the energy for transformation and consciousness awareness.

Sinéad can share insight about all things Intuitive and Energy. The topic description can be tailored to your audience and their needs. Please see previous topics that Sinéad has covered in the past. Get in touch today if you would like Sinéad to be a guest Speaker or Key Note Speaker at your upcoming event.