Interactive, fun, upbeat yet informative. Just what we all needed.
— Alex


Group intuitive guidance will start with my connecting to the energies of everyone in the in the group. We can either experience a fun, upbeat group activity together or sit comfortably in a peaceful setting. This time is for you to share a deep and powerful experience with your friends, family or work colleagues. 

I will share any insight that I receive throughout our time together, we can perform group healing, meditations, fun activities and we will work collaboratively to enhance our mindset and energies to bring our energies to that of attraction. 

This is about having fun together, sharing stories and empowering each other.

(You can request to dedicate the time to a particular topic. Arrange a conversation with Sinéad to discuss all possibilities.) 

Sinead hosting one of her group intuitive guidance sessions in Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre

Sinead hosting one of her group intuitive guidance sessions in Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre

Who are the group sessions for? 

  • Come together with friends and/or family
  • Hen parties
  • Corporate well-being and team building 
  • For children and adults to explore energy, meditations, healing, all things universe and to empower young mindsets. 

What are the group sessions for?

  • To uplift the energy amongst your piers
  • To create a space for mindfulness, meditation, fun and upbeat conversations about all things energy and mindset
  • To encourage self-belief and motivation 
  • To balance the body and mind offering time for ultimate relaxation
  • To talk openly and honestly about challenges and offer intuitive tips on how to overcome them
  • To awaken your own intuition and energy awareness
  • To improve working environments and team spirit resulting in increased productivity
  • much more


Whether a Group OR Individual, Intuitive guidance session, each starts with an Energy Reading so that I can connect to energies in the room. From there, we will let the conversation flow as I relay my findings. You can ask me particular questions that you need insight to, we can do some meditation together, we can create solutions to any challenges that you are facing, create fun activities to strengthen relationships, team spirit and so much more.

This is time for you to gain insight and peace of mind through intuitive and empowering words and visions that I receive through Divine Guidance.



Our time together will vary depending on what you need. Get in touch and let’s see what is best for you.