The 6 Week Mind-set Shift course I did with Sinéad was incredible and I can truly recommend the course for anyone looking for a change in their mindset. In such a short space of time my whole outlook on life has changed and this has had such a significant impact on both my personal and professional life. Previously I felt stressed and under pressure with not enough time to fit everything into my daily life. I now feel fully in control of my life and realise that only I can control my emotions and how I feel. I certainly look through life with a different lens now and I really feel that I am now making the most of everything. Before I used to spend a lot of time worrying, now I have techniques (which really work!) to stop me from doing this. I am full of energy and really happy (I would never have said that before I did Sinead’s course as I was always doubting myself and felt so low in energy). I would highly recommend this course.
— Charley, Full time mum and business owner
My friend and business mentor Sinead. In terms of my creative journey, this lady has been with me from the beginning of launching my business. She is the voice of reason, the angel on my shoulder and the person that has helped me most to grow my business. Without this woman I would be completely lost and overwhelmed. She inspires me to keep going, to put in the work and trust the process. She inspires me to get up everyday and work hard for my dream. To believe and then achieve. She has helped me understand and be kind to myself, to know my worth and my strengths. I am a better , stronger person than the one that started this journey and much of that is due to this lady.
Thank you Sinead x
— Marc, Founder of Photosfromme
Sinead always reminds me of sunshine, bright, beaming and so full of energy. She always puts a smile on my face. I’ve known Sinead over 10 years but only this year I turned to her for help.

I had moved country with my husbands job and left everyone else behind I loved. It was meant to be an exciting adventure but I was depressed lonely and was just struggling to get by. I met up with Sinead when i was home visiting her mum. I told her how I was struggling and she gave me some great advice. So I decided to book sessions with her on Skype. From the very first session  the difference I felt was wonderful. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Every negative thing I said or thought Sinead turned it into a positive. The simplicity of some of her advice was astounding. Just listening to what she advised me to do and how to think differently has made such a difference over the last 3 months.

Sinead has given me the tools I needed to get back on track and has shown me how to enjoy this experience and live in the now. Sinead has gifts and thankfully she knows how to use them. She’s also a straight talker and if you need a kick up the behind Sinead will just tell you straight. I’ve just had my 6th session with her and I’m in such a good place right now. You can text her at any time for an encouraging word or something positive to lift you.

I’ve suffered with depression for many years but it’s the first time after many, many different counsellors that I feel different and positive. Thanks to Sinead I’ve got a future to look forward to with the tools she’s given me and I’ll always be dipping in with Sinead for ‘top-ups’ when needed.

It’s been a brilliant experience and I’d say to anyone feeling stuck in their life to get in touch with Sinead and see what she has to offer because you’ll come away a different person than the person you walked in as. Love you always Sinead xx
— Paula
It sounds cliché but Sinead has completely changed my life. Through our sessions, she has altered my way of thinking and she has enabled me to overcome obstacles in my life that stopped me from reaching my full potential. She has taught me that what you want from life can be changed through our attitudes and the way we think. I genuinely believe Sinéad is incredible and an absolute ray of light! I have been able to experience both her mentoring sessions and healing sessions which are both great for different reasons. I used to be completely anxious, negative and afraid of life and now, I can confidently say that working with Sinead has helped me to become a more confident and happier version of myself.
— Siena
My experience with Sinéad has been amazing and really life changing. I wasn’t too sure what to even expect when I got in touch with SInéad but from the moment we talked I knew this was for me. She made me think about things differently and more positively. I didn’t realise that I was thinking very negatively but when I wrote down my concerns after following her guidance and after speaking to Sinéad about them she made me see them differently.

She also helped me with my anxiety and sent me energy healing which was amazing. I loved how she is always just a text away and she didn’t mind when I would contact her outside our session hours. I loved the motivational quotes and message she sent me, she really made me feel like she cared and that I mattered to her and mattered in general.

In the few weeks of being in contact with Sinéad I have a whole new outlook on life and I feel a lot calmer even though I have made a huge change in my life. I honestly feel 100% better
— Catherine O
After one session I feel completely calm with a clear sense of direction for the first time in months. My anxiety is gone. It is truly remarkable. The positivity, focus and encouragement that Sinead gives... there really are no words. Thank you Sinead
— Catherine
The answers are inside you! Yes, but I was stuck! In the midst of a difficult time in my life I found Sinead DeHora, and, may I say, was fortunate to find this beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, amazing spirit. I was desperately unhappy in my well paying job, but, being old school, couldn’t possibly leave my position for a happier life.Too many commitments! A spiritual trip to Thailand took care of that. I became ill the last day of my sojourn, managed to return home and into hospital. Recovery was slow. I had much to think about. I booked my first session with Sinead. I really didn’t know what to expect but was pleasently surprised. Sinead has worked with me both in a spiritual capacity and also as a mentor for my life purpose. I was still too ill to work, and my confidence had taken a hit. I was at a very low point in my life. Sinead treated me with dignity and respect whilst helping me restore my confidence and trust in myself. She guided me to see my true self and purpose in life. Sinead is a skilled professional both spiritually and in the world of business and I recommend her services highly and with confidence. I will continue to look to sinead for guidance in my life, both practical and spiritual. Thank you Sinead, you are amazing x
— Angel Guidance with Catherine
Even with over 25 years experience in the corporate world and running my own successful business, I believe that you should always have a mentor in your life. It is important to have that special someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who can guide and support you through your journey. It’s important to not feel alone in your decisions, feelings and worries.
Sinead’s mentoring has simply been the most powerful experience that enabled me to overcome a very difficult period in my life.
Sinead has a gift that enables you to make calm and logical decisions as well as helping you to create the best thought process for your well-being even when you feel completely stressed, overwhelmed and anxious
I am probably the most sceptical client that she has ever had to deal with, but after our initial session my thoughts completely changed and I was hooked! She gave me exercises that fit with my daily routine, tips and techniques that will live with me forever. With her catering to my every need she has enabled me to go through this process protecting myself from all of the reoccurring, harmful thoughts that have been holding me back throughout the years.
Being much older than Sinead, I never imagined that she could share so much wisdom but I was simply wrong. Sinead can deliver a session that stays with you for months on end and she always creates the best solution for what you are going through without leaving you feeling patronised or awkward. Sinead is simply magical in her approach to well-being and you cannot help but listen attentively to what she tells you.
Being allergic to that word we so often hear, ‘positive’, Sinead reprogrammed my thought process for me to become that strong person I knew I could be but never managed to achieve without her guidance. Sinead lit a spark within me, channelled my passion and dare I say it, made me the most positive than I have ever been in my life despite my challenging circumstances.
You will leave Sinead’s session calmer, stronger, way more positive and ultimately, empowered.
It’s as if Sinead unblocks everything within you that has been stopping your growth. She has made me bloom and now I feel that I can take on the world!
At the tender age of 45, I am the woman I wanted to become years ago and now with the help from Sinead I am finally her. Sinead has managed to get me to a place that nobody else could all by using her intuition, abundance of knowledge and by her magical, empowering words.
I cannot recommend Sinead’s mentoring enough. Thank you Sinead!
— Valerie
As corny as it may sound, words are not enough to thank Sinéad for all she has done for my career, for me. Besides being a very intelligent young woman she has a gift. A gift few have. A gift to help others.

She was the first person ever to have called me a writer without I even shared anything with her and before I even had wrapped my head around that word myself. She made me believe in my capacities and in my calling.

She is an angel in disguise but fool you not, she is a fireball. Each time we finish our sessions I feel tired. It’s unbelievable what we can do together in two hours time. The brainstorm, the enthusiasm, the belief, the planning, the advice, the adrenaline of creating ideas and new paths for my career.

Her advice is invaluable and her natural ability to make you feel deserving and capable of kicking ass is one of my most valued moments.

The thing that for me makes THE difference (besides being Sinéad herself) is the support she gives me throughout, not only during those two hours sessions. Sometimes one needs a push or a word of motivation, especially who is pursuing their own entrepreneurial vein. She surprises me how she knows when I need to keep going, to take action and her words make a difference on my days.

If you need someone to kick-start your career, Sinéad is your answer.
I call her my mentor but above all, I call her my friend.
My heart is full of gratitude for your continued help and support in my journey of moving forward, believing in myself and manifesting my divine purpose. Your hard work and passion has helped me and I cannot thank you enough.
— Christina Crilly
With her catering to my every need she has enabled me to go through this process protecting myself from all of the reoccurring, harmful thoughts that have been holding me back throughout the years. I have never felt more empowered and now I take active steps that allow me to reach my goals.
— S
Whatever the reason, if you need help or to re-focus yourself towards what truly want, Sinéad is the best person for this job, I will recommend her to my entourage!
— Arthur


sinead speaking at one of her sold out seminars

sinead speaking at one of her sold out seminars

sinead speaking in london excel for professional beauty show

sinead speaking in london excel for professional beauty show