Here's what some of Sinead's wonderful clients had to say about her

retreats and seminars to date...

I have attended two of Sinead’s seminars now. The first focused on understanding what manifesting is and how to apply it in your life. The second seminar was on increasing energy levels. In both events Sinead amazed me with her ability to explain the seemingly unexplainable with practical tips that made sense in a way that no other advice ever has. 
Sinead’s warmth and energy are inspiring and her own successful personal application of what she shares enhances the value of her insights and advice.

Thank you Sinead for sharing yourself and your gift with others
— Louisa
Not often do I take the time for myself but yesterday my good friend and earth angel @sineaddehora invited me to her Cleanse & Renew Workshop which entailed meditation and visualisation.. Sinead has a truly unique way in mentoring you to redefine your goals as well as focusing your energy in what truly matters in your life. This group session has the most powerful direct impact on your life to centre your energy and mind... yesterday made me realise how important it is to take the time for such an amazing Angel...
Thank you Sinead xxx
I have really enjoyed both of the courses/seminars that I have done with Sinead. They are presented in a friendly and relaxed, but very informative way, with lots of tips to help you achieve the things you want to. Sinead’s positive energy and enthusiasm fill the room and you leave feeling energised and motivated to work towards the things you want to. I’m already looking forward to the next one.
— Sarah
Since your business seminar I have completely changed my treatment menu that I offer, I now know what I have to do for my business and for the first time I feel that I have my spark back. Thank you Sinead. I am excited to start the mentoring programme with you.
— Clare
Cancel, control and delete that thought” - this is going to be my habit from now on. Thank you SInead for your amazing outlook on gaining my confidence back
— Valerie
Very inspiring and empowering. Loads of uplifting energy - Happy Days!
Thank you for giving us some pointers to enhance our true nature in life. Many thanks
— Arthur
I have watched so many YouTube videos and have attended hundreds of seminars - You are the first person that I have truly connected with. You spoke my language Sinead and you have inspired me more than anyone I have ever met.
— Martha
Brilliant techniques to help overcome fears and improve confidence. Sineads warm and enthusiastic energy is inspiring.
— Alicia
Inspiring doesn’t even cut it. Your energy, your accent, your advice - it was all sensational. I will be following you everywhere you go. Thank you Sinead.
— Sarah
I have a very deepened skeptical side to me. Being an engineer it taught me to believe in the logical, in the objective. So controlling my thoughts and my mind and my belief in me was something I had never ever considered to be possible.
So, when Sinéad started to share numbers with us and to share the most amazing analogy ever, it suddenly clicked. Maybe there is a way to stop feeling anxious and fearful. Maybe I can control what I desire in life. Maybe the Universe can hear me after all.

”Our mind functions like a computer and it needs to be programmed. You can delete your most negative thoughts. You can do that.” These are Sinéad’s words and they definitely made a difference on how I feel and think now. Maybe there is a way to control my emotions. “I need to take action. Right now.” This is how I felt when leaving the seminar.

As it always happens with all of us, we sometimes are not capable of pushing the negative thoughts away and we keep them blurring our vision At the seminar, Sinéad shared with us a breathing exercise to help us program our mind computers and to feel empowered to contradict these negative feelings. I have to share it worked and I had a day of complete achievement when I started feeling like I would not be able to do a thing.

Again, an hour well spent with someone who is truly gifted and knows what to say, a very rare thing these days. Someone who does not waste words.
Cannot wait for the next one!
— Tatiana - Author and Founder of