Kamalaya Koh Samui is a multi award winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort ideally located amid a tropical landscape on the southern coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand. Since opening in November 2005, Kamalaya has been offering a holistic wellness experience that integrates healing therapies from East and West, a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine and customised wellness programs and retreats. The intention at Kamalaya is to provide a seamless experience for guests, with no boundaries so they can experience wellness beyond their treatment at the Wellness Centre. The holistic wellness services are at the core of the Kamalaya experience and accommodation and other facilities are natural extensions and expressions of the concept and vision. Centred around a monk's cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, Kamalaya's essence is expressed in its name, 'Lotus (kamal) Realm (alaya)', an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit.

sinead de hora kamalya

Visiting Specialist

Sinéad will visit Kamalaya from the 16th of November 2019 - 1st of December 2019 offering her Award-Winning Intuitive Healing.

Treatment Menu

Clarity and Focus

(60 0r 90 minutes)

For those suffering from stress, anxiety, low energy and/or who are often surrounded by high pressure environments, this treatment will help to rationalize thoughts, calm your energy and it will provide you with effective coping strategies in order to manage and balance your lifestyle. Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist Sinéad, will start by reading your energy to determine the energetic cause of an issue or concern on an emotional and physical level and then relay her findings. Sinéad will target the root cause of the energy block in order to heal the symptom. To do so, she asks that you refrain from disclosing any information about yourself as your body will tell Sinead all that she needs to know. From there, Sinéad will combine Alternative Therapy, CBT, a variety of Targeted Massage Techniques, and Energy Healing based on the best possible healing solutions for you and your wellbeing. This experience will help you to instantly relax, realign with your inner self and identify with the peace and stillness of your body and mind.

Relax and Restore

(90 minutes)

Focusing on the health and movement of the body, muscles and mind, this treatment targets any areas of concern, together with any stress points, aches and pains you may be experiencing. Using her gifted intuition effective energy healing techniques, Sinéad will identify any problems areas and treat using stimulating massage techniques. Following the treatment, Sinéad will provide you with effective coping mechanisms and tools to prevent the reasons causing these tensions. She will also suggest small changes you can make in your life to improve your overall body balance and encourage the natural healing of the body.

Detox Your Mind, Body and Energy

(60 minutes)

For those looking to make significant changes in their current lifestyle or for those who are undergoing a transition in their emotional wellbeing. This treatment will allow you to release suppressed feelings and emotions that no longer serve you. Sinéad will start by reading your energy to determine the energetic blocks in your mind and body. From here, she will cut energetic cords that are connected to what is holding you back from excelling in all that you desire. Sinéad will also use stimulating massage techniques, energy healing, as well as lymphatic drainage massage in order to cleanse and remove toxins in your physical body leaving you feeling revived, focused and ready to continue your life journey.


The Benefits of working with Sinéad

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Increasing your self-belief, self-worth and self-image

  • To find the energetic cause of an issue or concern in order to heal from within

  • To increase energy awareness and intuitive abilities

  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus

  • Stimulate energy levels

  • Harmonise your body, mind and spirit

  • Enhancing your body's immune system and overall vitality

  • Detoxing on a spiritual and physical level

  • Physical pain relief from an injury, serious illness or disease

  • and much more

Join us amongst the emerald green jungle and the turquoise shoreline. Discover more about the world of Kamalaya wellness resort in Koh Samui here