“Feel better today so that you can make every tomorrow even better”

Sinéad de hÓra

Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist

Motivational Speaker

Founder of Treatment Creations & Droplets Podcast


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 Sinéad’s Mission:

To help you to feel better today so that you can make every tomorrow even better

There is a solution to everything, we just need to create it

Your words tell a story, make sure the words you're speaking are creating the story you want to live. Let me help you…



Sinéad is a gifted Intuitive healer whereby she uses her gift to understand how you are feeling on an emotional and physical level. She is an Empath that will feel every symptom that you are feeling of any blockages in your wellbeing and will use her gift to focus on the cause and guide you to understand where your blockages stem from.

With Alternative Therapy, Energy Reading, Energy Healing, and a variety of highly specialised massage techniques, Sinéad will support you in overcoming any limiting beliefs and difficult emotions. She will guide you when releasing suppressed emotion that is connected to your physical wellbeing and every moment with Sinéad will aim to improve your overall vitality and health on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Clarity of mind, peace in heart and a new sense of love for life are a few common results that her clients feel the most after working with Sinéad


How do we get results?

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Sinéad sets her focus on the cause of a blockage or concern in order to heal the symptom that you are feeling. You do not need to share any information about yourself with Sinéad as she prefers her intuition to do ‘its job’ as she says. “Your words will never truly tell me what is really going-on, so I allow your body to share your story with me”. Sinéad will access your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body as a whole and relay her findings. Targeting massage techniques, alternative therapy, energy healing, and conscious awareness will release suppressed emotion, aid discomfort and stimulate your body to heal itself. Sinéad will also share any visions that she has had throughout your experience and she will guide you on what you can do daily to make each day better than before.

There is a solution to everything, you just need to know where to look.

This healing and guidance is for you if:

  • You are ready to create an energy of change in your daily life

  • You have been feeling stuck or uncertain in any aspect of your life

  • If you would like to deepen your connection to your body and consciousness awareness

  • If you are feeling low in energy and would like to improve your zest for life

  • If you would like to connect deeper to your intuition and inner peace

  • If you would like clarity and intuitive guidance

  • If you are ready and committed to following your life purpose and passion

  • If you are ready to change your perception about yourself and what you see

  • If you are open to improving self-love, your self-belief, your confidence

  • If you are ready to become consciously aware of your thoughts, turning them into energy of manifestation

  • If you just want to feel better, to increase your energy and to be the best version of YOU