From the moment Sinéad touched my solar plexus, I felt her warm healing energy that ignited a surge or peaceful energy throughout my body. This extraordinary experience reached deep into my soul and aligned the chakra that brought me to Sinéad in the first place - My third eye. The feeling was connection and unity with all. Sinéad then intuitively guided her hands to massage away the knots, tensions and blockages that I had not previously told her about as she works solely from intuition and speaks about her findings at the end of her treatment. To sum up, Sinéad is a truly gifted and magical soul, who has the unique ability to manifest pure love and share it with us for our own journey to inner peace
— Christina
My appointment at the glamorous Akasha Centre at the Cafe Royal Regent Street was excellent today. It’s an underground marble labyrinth with breathtaking facilities. I had an extraordinary healing with the intuitive body therapist, Sinead de HÓra, with reflexology, massage, past lives and guidance from spirit how to deal with my illness. I felt a big shift, moving energies, emotions, memories, sensing spirit in the room! 90 glorious minutes! Centred and peaceful. Extraordinary, unusual, enriching! Top quality. London is lucky to have her talents!
— Wendy - Psychic News Magazine
I visited Sinéad not really knowing or understanding anything about healing or energy. To be honest, I only went to see Sinead because someone bought me the treatment. I have been suffering with insomnia for the past five years. I would stay awake all night, every night and survive on cat naps during the day. Without me uttering a word, Sinéad was able to tell me that I don’t sleep and she was able to tell me when it started and the reason why I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t even know the reason why! During the 90 minutes I couldn’t tell you what she did. Her hands didn’t even touch me at times but I knew she was doing something through, err, energy. It has been one week since I had my treatment with Sinéad and wait for it, I have slept 5 hours every single night. That might not sound like much but for me it is heaven.
I don’t know how she did it and I don’t even need to understand but all I know is, I will be back for more. Thank you Sinéad. You have healed me more than you know.
— Una
Sinéad, the treatment with you, was one of the most powerful and significant things that happened to me lately.The certainty(that you gave me ) made my heart open even more and feel safe and at peace. A lot of the fear has gone, and i feel like you lifted some of the barriers that society and the environment have put on my mind and eyes, and now i could expand my energy even more and affect the others around me just by simply being . Never felt more confident that I am at the right point in my life and on the right path. Thank you.
— Carla
The past year that I started to work with Sinéad has been amazing. I met Sinéad in a very serendipitous moment at an event one evening. At that time I was in a transitional rut constantly finding myself moving every couple of years. I work as mental health professional and often find it hard for me to find a healthy outlet for me to process my own journey. I knew she was legit from the first treatment when she was calling me out on my issues I try to avoid. Easier to help others first before helping yourself. Each treatment was always different. Sinéad was able to read what my body was saying and be the mirror that I needed to work through what I have been brushing under the rug. Each time I went, I could find myself growing stronger and feeling more connected to the whole me and not just the surface. We communicate more through our body language and energy we give off and I wasn’t listening to the message, but Sinéad was. Over the past year my episodes of panic attacks and anxiety have gone way down. That was one of the big clouds I was dealing with for 10 years mostly because I overthink my decisions. I doubted my gut instinct a great deal and Sinéad helped me come to terms with my doubt. People are brought into our lives for a reason and Sinéad was brought into my life at the moment I needed her the most. I never heard about intuitive healing until I met Sinéad. It is something you cannot fully comprehend in writing but must experience for yourself. Thank you Sinéad from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, enthusiasm and ability to call me out on my ‘stuff’.
— Elizabeth - Mental Health Professional
Sinéad’s session was amazing. Her elegant, straight-forward and eloquent way put me at ease right away. None of that new age, esoteric quality that so many so-called energy healers tend to have. At the beginning, Sinéad surprisingly said she would not do any pre-treatment consultation as she receives all the necessary information during the session as she reads the body’s energy. This obviously set my expectation and curiosity quite high. She then got into it right away, pushing, pulling and moving my energy in a way that I was able to feel it in a very physical manner, almost like I was having a deep tissue massage yet her touch was feather-light. The strength of her presence was apparent, like a sculptor with a chisel in hand working on my body with complete precision and confidence. I could literally feel specific blockages and tensions in my body and how they opened up, with the energy flow that followed. Combined with the physical sensations: images, memories, emotions... and I felt absolutely comfortable to just lie there surrendering to the entire experience. Sinéad then finished with an actual body massage which was excellent: vigorous and strong yet in tune with that energetic flow she had created throughout the first part of the session, which made it very interesting. After the session, we had a conversation and Sinéad’s insight and advice was nothing but astounding, telling me something which there was no way for her to know. But more importantly, this information was completely relevant in regards to how to balance and increase my energy. And it works.

All in all, a deeply moving, empowering and delightful experience. Thank you Sinéad.
— Steve - CEO of Poetry in water
Sinéad, I just wanted to send you an email to say the biggest of thank yous for the amazing time you spent with me this afternoon. I came away feeling utterly touched and reconnected with myself in a way I hadn’t felt for a while. You rarely meet very special people in this world who are put on the planet to make people better, but you are on of them and I am so touched to have met you and to be able to call you a friend.
— Abi Wright - Co-Founder & Director of
A gifted Intuitive Counsellor who’s insights are weirdly er, insightful!
— TATLER Magazine
She is by far the only person who goes straight to the exact painful spot on my back without having me telling her what is going on. She used energy to realign mine, to stimulate the shift in my body, and to heal whatever was needed. In the end of the treatment, she told me everything she felt from my body and mind, and gave me some advices. Again I did not tell her anything and she was spot on. I felt so relaxed and recharged after her session, it was amazing.
— Editor of ELLE Blog
I enjoyed, enormously, my treatment with Sinead. What a wonderful person, how intuitive! She read me like a book and really helped me in so many ways. I look forward to another experience with her.
— Sue
Amazing treatment with Sinead. Not only a great deep tissue massage but intuitive for mind body and soul. Would definitely recommend!
— Vickie
Mind blowing treatment! Sinead is professional, caring and pleasure to meet. Thoroughly enjoyed my treatment.
— Debs
Sinead is a warm and interesting person, extremely intuitive and excellent at her job. Will definitely return!
My second session with Sinead was even better than the first, she is the most lovely, positive and inspiring person I have ever met in my lifetime. Her treatment is a must.
— Clare
I enjoyed, enormously, the Sinéad experience. What a wonderful person, how intuitive! She read me like a book and really helped me in so many ways. I look forward to another experience with her. Thank you!
— Sue
I had an amazing first session with Sinéad! Even though we’d only just met she knew everything about my personality and where I needed help to be a better version of me. Just need to do my homework task now and try to figure out why she seen a vision of fluffy white dog and where it fits in my life! Thank you xx
— Clare O
Thank you for such an incredible experience. What a wonderful treatment! You have helped me let go of all my questions but my attachment to them is definitely dissolving. Thank you. You have a precious spirit. I cannot wait until my next treatment. In deep gratitude.
— Sarah
I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my hip and knee for a long time, some days I could not walk with the pain. I’ve been taking painkillers for some time to try and relieve the pain to try and get some comfort.
I was informed about Sinead through a friend of mine who said to me that I should try a treatment with her.
I got in contact with Sinéad bearing in mind that I live in Ireland and Sinéad lives in London. I was told to make myself comfortable which I did and before I knew it and without mentioning to Sinéad she was able to tell me why I was asking for her help. I was so amazed at her reaction I immediately felt so relaxed and comfortable. Within minutes I could feel heat from my hip all the way down my leg which I could only describe was like waves travelling up and down my leg. After about ten minutes I felt as if my whole leg was floating away from my body. This experience was something that I never felt before. I could not believe the difference how I felt after the treatment and how I’m feeling since the treatment and it’s all thanks to this wonderful talented young lady. I was totally wowed by it and I am looking forward to having more treatments without any hesitation. I could not recommend Sinéad highly enough it was an incredible experience for which is was most great full.
— Helen
I had my first healing session with the most Angelic Sinéad about a month ago, at the time I didn’t know what to expect. As a business person, life can be so busy and hectic, so it was amazing for me to just even take an hour our out from my schedule. Well what can I say... WOW. The treatment experience was calming, serene, peaceful and more. This beautiful little lady is really an Angel in disguise. Her hands are the hands of an Angel. If you are in need of guidance I would highly recommend her. I am already looking forward to my next session. With love,
— Jenny
Sinéad changed my life in just two sessions! For over ten years I have been holding on to fear and negativity and it has been holding me back from my true purpose in life. Saying that Sinéad has a gift feels too small for what she truly is - a miracle worker. I feel so blessed to have met her and I look forward to continuing my journey with her. She is the answers to all of our prayers.
— Laura M
Sinead has an amazing gift and uses it in a way that leaves you feeling incredibe afterwards. I never want the treatment to end. She always knows what’s happening with your body and mind without you having uttered a word. Her intuition is spot on and her after care advice is excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending her.
— Sarah B
Sinéad automatically picked up on some very key things that were going on in my life. I was quite amazed to be honest as they were all things that she could not have guessed and I definitely hadn’t told her. Sinéad definitely has a gift, she is a true healer and you can’t help but feel relaxed and peaceful in her presence.
— LaurenB - Listen Up Beautiful
Best massage that I have ever had and I have had hundreds. I can truly use the words magical without exaggerating!
— Maria
What an experience, life changing!
— Maria H
A really lovely experience and sense of motivation for me. I already look forward to coming back to see Sinead soon.
My treatment with Sinead was outstanding. Everything I had hoped for and more. I could have chatted with her all day. I’ll be back...
— Laura
I received a fabulous treatment today from Sinéad. She put me at ease straight away and clearly explained the procedure. The treatment has left me feeling lighter and ready to make positive changes in my life. She truly has healing hands.
— Sarah
I went for a treatment with Sinead in The Reef Spa in Maidstone not really knowing what to expect… I left wanting to book regularly so I can enjoy this unique feeling of wellbeing!
Sinead was amazing from beginning to end. Not only her attention to details made the whole experience even more special, but most of all the way she just knows where to treat and what to do to ensure you gain from the results (she knows) you need!
It is so difficult to put into words how she affects you, but she does… she is one of the kind and the only way for anyone to appreciate her treatment is to book for one! No treatments are the same, from one to the next, she tailor-makes them as she feel, she lets her intuition do the talking and her hands follow… My head is clear, my body feels as if everything is at peace and I am now a true Sinead believer!
— Valerie
I have been completely wowed by Sinéad! I had a treatment with Sinéad in London before and it was incredible! I asked Sinéad advice about a dream that I have been having, she asked me to sit down and started treating me (her hands were a distance away from me) over my head and chest and then moved to my ear. As she got to my ear it was like a little energy went through it and my ear popped, I went a little deaf for a moment. At the same time she said ‘Oh, it’s your ear!’. I was completely astounded as obviously no one can ever feel, see or hear when your ear crackles!
— Jenny
I recently went up to London and whilst there I managed to fit in a visit to Sinéad. It was incredible! Bearing in mind that I am a judge in the National Beauty Awards, I can be a little picky when it comes to treatments. Sinéad is so gifted and I was completely wowed by my visit to her! Sinéad is warm, friendly and super talented. She was able to tell me things that she couldn’t possibly know. I sense she will be very big in time. Her treatments are a must!
— Clare
Had my first healing session with Sinead almost 2 weeks ago now, it was also my first time visiting Reef Spa in Sevenoaks and what a special hidden gem it is, you immediately feel relaxed and like you’ve entered another world.

Meeting Sinead is like meeting someone you’ve known your whole life, you instantly feel welcomed and loved.
What I loved straight away is that it’s not all serious, it’s happy and bubbly, you can let go, be silly and laugh with Sinead.
My experience with her was and still is more than I could have ever imaged, no words can describe the true feelings of this treatment. I am still feeling the wonderful effects from the healing and am so inspired from what I felt and saw.
Sinead has an incredible unique gift, I’m truly blessed to have met this beautiful person. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next part of our healing journey.
— Lorna S - Colour Therapist
Just WOW! - Thank you :)
— John
‘Sinéad is one of a kind, her ability to understand my needs without me even having to speak was significant. She has an indescribable talent to completely take away your everyday aches and pains and completely heal your mind, body and soul. I recommend having a course of treatments with Sinéad, once you experience one treatment you will understand why! I have never felt so revived, thank you so much Sinead.’
— Tamsin
Sinéad has told me things that she couldn’t possibly have known. She has given me closure to things that I have been holding onto since the loss of my mother. I cannot thank Sinéad enough for all the comfort and support that she gave to me during the course of my treatments. I have never felt so balanced and I have finally taken the first step into my bright future thanks to Sinéad
— Nicola
Sinéad, you have a wonderful manner and technique that makes people feel confident and well looked after. You have such a special gift. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me and my knee feels brand new. I will do my best to hold onto this experience until my next treatment. Thank you.
— Kate